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You are on the epic quest for the legendary college treasure known as Good Grades- some say it’s only a myth, but you are determined to prove them wrong. After getting into it, though, it’s hard not to wonder if this is impossible. You start to feel lost in a sea of unknown classes, strange subjects, and professors that remind you more of a dragon than a mentoring wizard. Some days (or most days) you want to collapse on the floor and pretend it’s not real.

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Exhausted and Done

Friends and fellow questers, it’s not impossible. You can be successful. Good grades are within your reach. It won’t be easy, but there are ways to find balance and get good grades while still having fun. Following are a few suggestions on how to succeed.

Successful Questers:

  • Make maps (of sorts). This means plotting out deadlines and due dates for projects, assignments, and tests so you aren’t caught unawares. This also helps you stay on top of when the events you want to go to are, so you can plan workloads to include some fun.
  • Have a good sleep schedule. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night will make questing a long term possibility. It wouldn’t do to be caught by the goblins after an exhausting week of all-nighters, now would it?
  • Make good study habits. You know yourself. Where can you study where you will be the least distracted? If that place is NOT the apartment, look around for other options. The library is always a fantastic place for adventurers.
  • Work ahead when possible. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean having all of your assignments done the first week of the semester. It means if you have an extra 15 minutes before class, try things like starting the outline for that upcoming paper. It will be an excellent shield when the panic monster rears its ugly head.
  • Find questing companions. This could be other students in the class for study groups, or it could be your professors, or a tutor. Get to know them and ask for help and advice. You may find that they often times DO end up being the mentoring wizard, and they are more than happy to support you on your quest.

Tame the ‘Dragon’

Hazard Ahead

Now you know about study habits you SHOULD try, but what about those habits to avoid? Some common enemies are too many late nights, trying to ‘multitask’ (example: doing homework while watching that movie you’ve been wanting to see for forever), and not paying attention during class. Again, you know yourself better than anyone, so if something may get in the way of your quest, think about it carefully. There is nothing wrong with having fun (in fact, please do! Questers need to make time for breaks so they don’t go insane), but it’s okay to ask for a rain check sometimes.

Note that if things like these are your current habits, there is still hope. You don’t have to be trapped by what you have done before- keep learning, develop new habits of balance, and success will be possible.

You Can Do It

You CAN get good grades, sleep, and have fun too. It is entirely possible. It will take some planning ahead, determination, and strategy- no battle is won by going blindly in the dark. But remember the dragons you have already defeated- you can do this.

Go forth, young hero. Fight well, be smart, and claim your treasure. Then reward yourself with a well-deserved nap.


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