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Geometric Animals

Geometric Animals

Geometric Animals


Vector animals created with a low-poly style to look geometric


Adobe Illustrator


I wanted to break away from my school projects and internship to try something


Personal Project

The Process


I found photo references that I liked that had a good angle, poses that I liked, or that I saw good color in for making the low-poly style images. I wanted to make something that I would like and felt I could make. I then took the images to Illustrator and began playing with the size of the triangles and colors. I used the eyedropper tool to choose colors from the image that best fit that area, and used the pen tool to create the triangles. Using different colors created the feeling of depth and shading in the animals. 

The project basically consisted of me playing around until I liked what I had. It was nice to do something fun and without a deadline. It helped my creativity, and I started enjoying design again after a while of feeling like I was hitting a brick wall. 

About Me

I’m a Web Designer by major, a Social Media User by necessity, and a Graphic Designer by choice!

My Mission

To grow and learn and help others with their personal projects.

The Offer

Give me a chance to help you with your next design project or rebranding!