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Cache Valley Vein

Cache Valley Vein Website


Cache Valley Vein Website


Website for a medical practice located in Cache Valley that assists with vein health in patients


Divi WordPress, and the Depositphotos website


The client wanted a website with a solid design and sensible user interface principles for easy use


Cache Valley Vein

The Process

Research and Layout

I researched my client and what they did for accuracy of information. I learned a lot more about veins than I wanted to (I don’t have a phobia of needles, but needles and anything related to them, including veins, make me queasy on my best days), but I worked hard to not let personal bias and feelings get in the way of my work. 

Using information provided by the client for body copy, I broke it out into sections and pages so information would be easy to find and simple to navigate. I created a layout for cohesive feel across pages, and worked to ensure a good user experience by making sure the links all worked and the hierarchy was clear.

woman touching leg


I worked with stock photos, as per the client’s request, to choose images that fit their site and services. I ran into the probelm of needing images that reached the audience they were trying to market to (mostly an older audience of men and women, ages 50 – 65, who live in the Cache Valley area, who would be running into vein issues). I researched more about the audience to find pictures that would apply. I chose images of activity, focusing mostly on the legs, or images that would feel happy and full of life. I felt these kind of images would support the copy the client provided the best, and contribute to the website. 


The end of this project produced a website that allows the business to succeed and better reach their audience. They have continued to add to the website, so it is dynamic and growing. 

You can see their website here: 

Cache Vein Clinic

cache valley vein mockup

About Me

I’m a Web Designer by major, a Social Media User by necessity, and a Graphic Designer by choice!

My Mission

To grow and learn and help others with their personal projects.

The Offer

Give me a chance to help you with your next design project or rebranding!